JA Engineering Discovery Day 2017 (8th July 2017)

JA Engineering Discovery Day was held on 8 July 2017 in HKUST Campus this year. We are delighted to co-operate with Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK) to nurture secondary school students’ understanding of the importance of and interests in engineering, as well as, educate students on how engineering can create innovative solutions in our daily life. Participating students have gone through highly experiential learning activities under the guidance of HKUST student volunteers.

Following participation in the program, students were able to:

  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of the importance of engineering profession and explore engineering knowledge in the workshop
  • Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills

To widen up the exposure of various aspects and applications of engineering, students were able to take part in two out of three different engineering workshops including “Building an Electronic Piano”, “Learn Programming by Educational Robots” & “Dissection of Computer Brain” during the day.

The engineering workshops were facilitated by up to 30 students from HKUST, Prof. Tim Woo was engaged to help with the design of the workshop and the coaching of students as volunteer facilitators. To encourage their participation as workshop facilitators, an opportunity of job shadowing experience will be offered by ExxonMobil HK in September 2017.

Photo Gallery

Opening Seminar
Building an Electronic Piano Workshop
Dissection of Computer Brain Workshop
Learn Programming by Educational Robots Workshop
Gathering Lunch
Group Photo