IEEE Electronic Endeavor Match (22 April 2017)

The first IEEE Electronic Endeavor Match was held on 22nd April 2017 at HK Science Park. We are pleased to co-organize with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). The theme of the competition this year is circuit construction, students will compete to construct the circuit board based on the given circuit diagram in the shortest time. The first person who demonstrates a working circuit will be the winner!

Electronic circuit is one of the most important elements in the world of science and technology. Skill to construct electronic circuits can be introduced in primary and secondary schools. There have been efforts to introduce electronic circuit concepts as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to pre-university students. The IEEE Electronic Endeavor Match is aimed as recognizing primary and secondary school students who have developed their interest and skill in constructing electronic circuits.

The competition was open to contestants between the age of 10 to 16 who have basic knowledge in reading circuit diagrams and constructing circuits with a breadboard. Training classes was given in the morning before the competition for those who are interested to learn or to refresh their electronic construction skill before the match. The competition was divided into two divisions (Senior Division: F.2 to F.4; Junior Division: P.5 to F.1). A champion, runner-ups, design and achievement awards were given in each division.


高級組 (F.2 – F.4)

    • 冠軍: 吳洛軒 (聖公會林裘謀中學 F.4)
    • 亞軍: 黎曉陽 (保良局何蔭棠中學 F.4)
    • 季軍: 李文軒 (宣道中學 F.4)

  • 設計獎: 黎曉陽 (保良局何蔭棠中學 F.4)
  • 完成獎: 林玉琳 (保良局何蔭棠中學 F.4)

初級組 (P.5 – F.1)

    • 冠軍: 梁家睿 (保良局西區婦女福利會馮李佩瑤小學 P.6)
    • 亞軍: 梁家朗 (培正中學 F.1)
    • 季軍: 何倬希 (啟思中學 F.1)

      • 設計獎:

      • 梁家睿 (保良局西區婦女福利會馮李佩瑤小學 P.6)
      • 何倬希 (啟思中學 F.1)

    • 完成獎:

    • 傅鈱僖 (保良局西區婦女福利會馮李佩瑤小學 P.5)
    • 冼琨翰 (保良局西區婦女福利會馮李佩瑤小學 P.6)
    • 黃鍵濠 (保良局西區婦女福利會馮李佩瑤小學 P.6)

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