Hong Kong – Macau International Coding Elite Challenge 2021 – Open Division Enrollment 國際編程精英挑戰賽 2021 (香港 & 澳門賽區) – 公開組招募 (截止報名日期: 2021年2月21日) New

We would like to invite you to represent “Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers, HKUST” to participate in “Hong Kong – Macau International Coding Elite Challenge 2021 – Open Division” (ICE Challenge). ICE Challenge is an international competition that assembles APAC’s most promising young coders to compete, program and learn from one another. ICE Challenge […]

「STEM進階學習體驗計劃:發展學生創新能力」學生學術會議 (2021年4月17日) New

「STEM進階學習體驗計劃:發展學生創新能力」──  學生學術會議 宗旨/目標 Aims / Objectives本活動旨在邀請各中小學提名學生參加上述活動。 This is to invite primary and secondary schools to nominate their students to take part in the captioned event. 詳情Details由教育局主辦的「STEM進階學習體驗計劃:發展學生創新能力」,內容包括一系列與STEM教育相關的培訓課程,以及由導師指導下進行的研究實習,計劃旨在進一步發展中小學生在STEM相關範疇的知識和技能,以及促進他們在STEM及創新思維方面的能力。此計劃由香港科技大學承辦,並由香港科技大學的導師設計課程及進行培訓。完成與STEM相關的培訓課程後,獲甄選的學生在大學導師的指導下,根據他們的研究興趣和意念,就STEM相關的主題進行科研及探究。 The project “Developing Students’ Innovation Competency through Advanced STEM Learning Experiences” is organised by the Education Bureau (EDB), which consists of a series of training programmes and a research […]